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Open Gym

-Level: Intermediate and Advanced
-Age: 17+
-Prerequisites: Beginners must have taken 6-8 aerial sessions of specific apparatus before enrolling to OPEN GYM
There will be an instructor present to supervise and make sure safety precautions are properly taken but the instructor will not be teaching tricks/skills during this time.

What is Open Gym?
Open Gym allows our students to work on skills of their choosing with supervision of an instructor; there is no set lesson plan, therefore there will be no class in session when you enroll.
Students may work on skills that they have learned in a previous class.
This is not a time for students to learn new skills, but rather to get in some extra practice on what they wish to master.
Students may practice on different apparatus during Open Gym as long as it is NOT A NEW APPARATUS

Safety Requirements during Open Gym:

1. Always place a mat under the apparatus in use
2. If attempting a trick/skill you have doubts, make sure you ask someone to spot you (could be a fellow student/instructor).
3. Practice skills/tricks on a low level; avoid going higher than the red line (in case of doubt, ask the instructor to tell you how high you should go).
4. When and If doing a DROP, make sure you tell the instructor WHAT DROP you are doing and ask to be spotted.
5. DO NOT ATTEMPT NEW TRICKS (of any kind) that were freshly taken out of the internet; all tricks must be previously practiced with a teacher during a regular class before trying them by yourself.
6. AVOID GOING ONTO A NEW APPARATUS if you have never taken a class on it before, it is for your own safety.
7. STUDENTS SHOULD NOT BE TEACHING OTHER STUDENTS new tricks/skills unless previously approved by instructor.