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**No previous experience required! This class is for ALL LEVELS!

*Don't worry if you DON'T HAVE UPPER BODY STRENGTH, that's why you come to our CONDITIONING CLASS!


Our CONDITIONING CLASS is specifically designed to target building upper body strength, improve shoulder stability, muscle toning and increasing endurance in the air in order to be able to perform a full aerial routine while making each seem effortless, even though it is not.

* What to expect from our CONDITIONING CLASS?

Our Conditioning class runs like a training circuit, where we will push your cardio and strength to their fullest capacity while doing series of repetitions on aerial apparatuses such as: silks, trapeze, lyra hoop; but expect to do some ground work as well.

During our Conditioning Class, you will experience a quick warm-up, the work of the day, which are the exercises to work on and their repetitions, and a cool down.

** We recommend bringing water and wearing stretchable athletic clothing that covers the back of your knees.