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Teen Silks

Level: Mixed Level (First Timers, Beginners and Intermediate)
Ages: 11 - 16
Prerequisites: None - Come HAVE FUN! Class will be tailored according to your skill level
Apparatus: Silks
This class:
-First Timers will
work on standard climb, basic tricks and transitions on a tied fabric.
-Level 1 will drill basic climbs, foot locks and basic tricks. They will build upper body strength, muscle memory and flexibility through drills and repetition. Once the student feels comfortable, movements will find fluidity and grace, while building up stamina.
-Level 2
climbing on their own, executing single/double foot locks effectively, learn how to use control while going into a trick and how to properly come out of it. Students will learn basic wraps as well as build the stamina required to safely engage tricks, sequencing and drills that will prepare for basic drops.
-Level 3 will work on having straight leg inversions, inversions into crochet on fabric as well as drilling their "cross back straddle up inversion" also known as butterfly. Belay entries and intermediate climbs will be learned (bicycle climb, crochet and big Russian). Students will continue to drill trick entries and how to come out of it without being tangled. Endurance and strength will be worked on.