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LYRA 2 - 3

-Level: Advanced Beginner - Intermediate
-Age: 17+
3 to 5 pull overs (bent knees ok)
2 entrances to Lyra
Basic Level 1 tricks on inside of Lyra (Man on the Moon, Dead Man Hang, Splits, Mermaid, Bird, Peter Pan)

-Apparatus: Lyra (Aerial Hoop)
-This class: Students at this level are considered intermediate; they will learn a variety of more strength intensive moves and balances with poses using less points of contact on bottom, center and top of the Lyra. A greater emphasis of sequencing and developing transitions between skill phases will be explored. Back balances, elbow hangs, single knee hang, killer splits, spinning and other intermediate level tricks and transitions will be drilled to develop endurance and polish technique.