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-Level: Intermediate - Silks Level 3 and 4
-Age: 17

-Prerequisites: *Must have successfully completed Silks 2 and be approved by Instructor to take class.
Must be able to do:
*1 straight pull up
*2 pull overs in the air
*3 straddle backs in the air without jumping (straight legs going down)
*Climbs: standard, Russian and bicycle
*Clean Single and Double Foot locks: getting into/coming out of
*3 min Silks routine in air without coming down, using: single foot lock, double foot lock and tricks of levels 1 and 2.
*Flamenco entry

-Apparatus: Silks, Trapeze, Hammock, Lyra and Rope

-This class: Students will learn a diversity of intermediate wraps, sequencing and smooth transitions in a variety of aerial apparatuses; tricks can be transferable between apparatuses. A strong emphasis is placed on inversions since wraps/tricks will be done from inversions. Intermediate drops, entrances and exits will be drilled to safely be executed.Movements are geared towards aerial dance and build fluidity, grace, and stamina.