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$20 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll
Age: 18+
Levels: Intermediate (3-4) and Advanced (5) students
Teachers and Performers
Visiting Aerialists
$5 more for every person other than yourself signed up and on the rigging point.

Requirements for our Aerial Dragons Students: must attend at least 1 regularly scheduled aerial class per week - In order to be safe practicing alone, you must continue your aerial education in at least 1 regular class a week in the apparatus that you will be practicing on

Guidelines for safe practice:

  • Always work over a panel mat or crash mat. No exceptions.
  • Please do not play amplified music. This can be distracting to other classes. We recommend bringing ear buds if you are working on a piece.
  • Practice everything on a low level, crash mat under point the entire time
  • Please avoid doing any sort of DROPS - you can walk them down
  • All tricks and sequences should be under the black line that is on the wall surrounding our gym
Some important reminders to our DRAGON STUDENTS:
  • NO peer teaching - If you do not remember how to execute a move, you'll need to ask your instructor during your regular class schedule. Do not ask your friend. This practice time is not educational time.
  • Work on moves you have safely learned at our studio with the guidelines of our instructors (Please avoid trying out new tricks from Youtube or IG without proper spotting)
  • If you can not remember how to do a skill, do not try to review and reteach yourself from class videos - proper spotting is always required and should be done in class.
  • Creativity is encouraged, however do not try to teach yourself moves from YouTube or any other source. This is highly unsafe and you will no longer be permitted to attend to extra practice outside regular Open Gym sessions

Are you an aerialist visiting from out of town/other studio? Welcome to our training facility, feel free to enroll and practice your heart out. Remember that SAFETY IS THE NEW SEXY! Have any questions about our guidelines? We'd be glad to answer them for you!

Morning Afternoon Evening
Nov 23 Saturday 4 Times Available 1 Times Available 0
Nov 25 Monday 6 Times Available 9 Times Available 0
Nov 27 Wednesday 0 16 Times Available 6 Times Available